Marblehead School Committee Goals 2015-2016

MASC Rubric  

School Committee (SC) will use the summer retreat to discuss goals for the coming year, ideally aligned with the Superintendent (SUP) goals, and finalize/approve the document in the Fall.



SC will work with the SUP over the summer to provide feedback on SUP goals and approve those goals at the beginning of the school year.



SC will periodically give feedback to SUP on SUP goals and provided evidence.



SC will conduct an informal discussion and self-evaluation of their own goals midyear (before December break), followed by a more formal rating and self-evaluation in late April using the Governance Rubric provided by MASC.



SC will continually discuss and analyze policies and goals of the district and initiatives that support outstanding instructional leadership and students' reaching their full potential.

Operating Protocols


SC will discuss and maintain operating protocols and approve at the start of each new school year (by October at the latest).



SC will use MASC workshops to guide discussion of any and all pertinent and timely issues facing the district, including, but not limited to: self-evaluation, best-practices of high performing districts, community engagement, preparation for public hearings, SUP and SC evaluation, and any other topical issues.



SC will hold at least two of these additional workshops during the year: one prior to the December break, and one prior to April break.



SC members will be prepared for meetings, review materials promptly, voice options respectfully, express opinions as part of topic discussions, and act in the best interest of students.



SC members will participate in, and inform the committee at large of, sub-committee work and liaison meetings.



SC members will work with SUP to schedule any additional meetings/workshops that may be required to plan for and inform the community of upcoming initiatives or issues.



SC will review and provide feedback on SUP/admin team reports in an effort to establish and maintain a "district dashboard."


Community Engagement


SC will work with SUP to ensure that SC portion of the district website is up-to-date and communicates pertinent information to the school community.



SC will ensure that community and stakeholders are informed of issues and have the opportunity to provide feedback prior to decisions being made, particularly on significant issues and agenda items.



SC committee will educate the community on our roles and the proper chain of command for providing feedback or resolving issues.


























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